Perimeter Wall Progress in India

Below is a 12-foot-long section of the Perimeter Wall for Iraivan Temple. In all, there are some 40 of these that make up the 485-foot-long wall.

Today in Bengaluru the team is working on carving of the pillar sections, the stones on the left and right in the photo below. They have brought a set of them into the sheds for doing the more ornamental work.

Also in this slideshow in the same shed the silpis are working on the two final stones of the Nandi Mandapam, which have small elephants near the bottom. These hand railings are on either side of the steps that a priest climbs to make offerings to Nandi and the balipeedam.

2 Responses to “Perimeter Wall Progress in India”

  1. Thanam Joseph says:

    Had a good laugh regarding the chair, as the saying goes
    necessity is the mother of invention.


    Had a good laugh, but on a serious note, doing such an intricate work of art calls for, safety and convenience, but one slip of the supporting chair or foot, could be fatal for both worker and the piece of art !

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