More Media Studio Refinements

Of the few larger projects left to be done in the Media Studio, the washroom has been the main focus over the last few weeks. Acharya Kumarnathaswami and our hired master-carpenter Jeff, have been working hard to instal the room's vinyl and finish the stone and grout work. The large mirror has also been installed and the ceiling has received its moulding and been painted with a final coat. All that is left is to finish the grout, install the fixtures, and hang the door. Progress is also being made in the entry hall way and elsewhere.

2 Responses to “More Media Studio Refinements”

  1. Thamilmani Visakan says:

    its so lovely and warming

  2. Anjali Sundaram says:

    So lovely, and excellent workmanship!
    Was the wood for the cabinets milled at the Aadheenam, or purchased from outside? I like the wood grain very much.

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