Innersearch Final Gala Event

For our final Innersearch night together in Mauritius, we invited our members to join for a Gala Event. Two hundred of us were received by a three-man banjo band in a massive tent set in a garden. Chef Ruben Moothoosawmy, a friend of our own Kulapati Mougam, crafted a menu that would amaze all present. It was his first foray into the world of brown rice and for this's feast he bought the entire islands supply (white still rules here). Dozens of our members sang Natchintanai and bhajan and turned the giant tent into a theater as they offered their Satguru skits on the brahmacharya vrata and yamas. Stories were told, including the tale of Bodhinatha's dramatic adventures as the first Iranian hostage in 1972. The members played a clip of Gurudeva saying "I'll be seeing you..." to cyber cadets in 1999. The monks got a giant applause for a nine-minute film they magically pulled together showing all the major classes, pujas and outings and showcasing the nation's first-ever aerial video of our Spiritual Park. Lots of wows as the Mauritians saw their familiar center from a new perspective. Sadasivanatha coined a new word for the Fictionary from the stage: Maurispatality, defined as "the peerless and sometimes overwhelming hospitality showered by the peoples of Mauritius on one and all, an endless generosity of spirit and care for others." The Innersearchers stood to applaud their hosts and the clapping went on for several minutes. Truly all felt a Sivasambandam, a confluence of Bodhinatha devotees from around the globe. Then a parade winded it's way through the tables, ten Innersearchers carrying large flags of their country. Quite a global statement as all stood to sing the Mauritian national anthem following lyrics on the giant screen. All ran outside when the sky lit up with fireworks to end an evening of fellowship.

Guru Purnima in Concord-Kauai

Bodhinatha is home and the sweetness of Guru Purnima lingers on. While the huge event was going on in Mauritius, elsewhere we all focused on the blessings of the Satguru on that auspicious day.

Malaysia Ladies Retreat a Great Success

NIIMF Ladies Camp was conducted from 11th to 13th July at Residence Desa Lagoon Resort, Port Dickson, Malaysia. We had 16 participants, 14 from Malaysia and 2 from Perth, Australia.

Aim of the camp was to provide an opportunity for our participants to have a break from their normal routine and to engage them in purposeful conversation, self-reflection, and relaxation and just to be themselves.

Program for the camp was as follows:
Spiritual Workout: Personal Prayers and Skype Satsang with Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami
Physical Workout: Nature walk, stroll by the beach, games and swimming
Mental Workout: Testimonies, reflections and discussions
The event started off with a warm welcome and tasty tea break. At night we had Pyjamas Party where all ladies gathered in their PJs and shared their first experience and step towards SSC. Thereafter they shared their testimonials. It was interesting to hear the different stories and experiences, which lead them to Gurudeva's teachings.

The following day, we had two-hour satsang with Brahmanathaswami via Skype. The subject covered was understanding spiritual unfoldment through chakras and focus on removing the Impediments to Spiritual Practice, The topic was relevant and inspiring. It reassured us the importance of taking time off for solitude and to reflect on the state of the ‘little girl' within us. He also emphasized the importance of daily meditation and with a focus on the simple practice of samaya pranayama, breath control, same count in, same count out.

In the afternoon, we had ball games in the pool followed by Parimala Selvaraj, a Saiva Siddhanta Church member and a lawyer by profession, who gave us an insight on the importance of writing a Will. She also discussed other legal matters that ladies should take precaution such as the implications of being a guarantor.

As our resort was by the beach, it gave us a great opportunity to enjoy the stroll by the shore, swim in the Straits of Malacca and to experience Banana Boat ride.

Later that night, we were entertained by watching the video clips of Paramaguru Siva Yogaswami's 50th Mahasamadhi's Observances in Jaffna. We had BBQ and enjoyed singing and dancing together. Everyone had a ball.

The following morning, we had nature walk to Hutan Rekreasi Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse. It was a challenge for some of our ammas who used their willpower to climb all the way up to the lighthouse. Well done ammas!

The overall experience was fantastic and everyone gave positive feedback. It was a worthwhile break for all and the objectives of the event were fulfilled. Everyone is looking forward for the next camp to be organised. That's 'Akan Datang'!

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