Yogaswami's Messages in English

Yogaswami Sings with DevoteesSiva Yogaswami’s song were the panacea he created to guide and uplift his devotees. Many miracles are ascribed to those who sang his songs, the majority of which he sang for particular individuals in response to a specific need or occasion. When devotees would appeal for help or were in need of guidance, Swami’s response was a song, often for them to sing themselves to make their appeal to the Divine.
He said, “Sing to melt the very stones!” and he himself was a master artist and song composer. His lyrics arose spontaneously from his superconscious, without any need for “word craft” … verses just flowed from him in consummate Tamil akin to the magical Tamil of the Saiva Saints like Arunagirinathar.
While the Tamil and music is beautiful, the message is the key and to make this heritage available to the next generation we need to have some of his songs in English. And audio today is a primary channel for the next generation. After his passing his four chief disciples created the book “Natchintanai, Songs and Sayings of Yogaswami, Translated from the Original Tamil.” Published by the Sivathondan Society (currently not available in the US) Kulamata Bhavani Param was inspired to take some of these translations and sing them in traditional ragam (melodic scales) with her grand-daughter Sandhyadevi. Two songs are now available on line (SivaSiva App users can download these on the “Recent Additions” in the Listen Portal.)
Divine Grace Sweeps Over
Malahari Ragam, Rupaka Talam

Guru Bhakti, Greatest Blessing
Mohana Ragam, Rupaka Talam

Landscape Update

During Mahasamadhi 2017, we had some of our photography members go around with their camaras and get a lay of the land. Here are some updated photos of Iraivan's landscape.

New Path Sign

Our head groundskeeper and land manager Doug Noggle has built the monastery a new sign for the Saiva Satguru path. Doug has been doing masonry for several decades.

Innersearch Sri Lanka Meetings

Rishi Thondunatha, a veteran of the church and global philanthropist, came to the monastery in order to begin in-depth discussions on the day-to-day planning of the upcoming innersearches to Sri Lanka. Our time was well spent together and we are incredibly excited about the program we have developed for the 60 soon-to-be Sri Lankan Innersearch participants. Aum

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