Washing Iraivan Temple

A new once-a-month cleaning routine has been activated for Iraivan Temple, and the first of the ongoing cleanings has been performed by Nirvani Tejadevanatha and Natyam Dayanatha using the new Genie Boom Lift Operator.

A closeup of the control panel inside the lift cabin. Natyam Dayanatha is today’s operator, while Nirvani Tejadevanatha operates the pressure washing wand—carefully cleaning the temple stone.

The two monks run through a list of pre-cleaning protocols, checking safety measures and operator awareness.

Here we go!

Up up and way, the two use the boom’s powerful arm to get hoisted into the air and right up close to the stone. Amazing!

The cleaning begins. The temple is in much need of regular upkeep and input of energy. The soon-to-be arrival of stone carvers and this new cleaning routine is really feeling good and the Iraivan area is starting to feel that activity buzz once again. Jai! Thank you to all the donors who help support this giant project.



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