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Entering Retreat

Aum Namah Sivaya

Our Monks have come to the end of their week and tomorrow will begin a two-day retreat. Everything at the aadheenam is going along in its usual wonderful way, with the added bonus of the sound of chipping stones at Iraivan Temple.

Nasadiya Sukta
RV X, 129
1. At first was neither Being nor Nonbeing.
There was not air nor yet sky beyond.
What was its wrapping? Where? In whose protection?
Was Water there, unfathomable and deep?
2. There was no death then, nor yet deathlessness;
of night or day there was not any sign.
The One breathed without breath, by its own impulse.
Other than that was nothing else at all.
3. Darkness was there, all wrapped around by darkness,
and all was Water indiscriminate. Then
that which was hidden by the Void, that One, emerging,
stirring, through power of Ardor, came to be.
4. In the beginning Love arose,
which was the primal germ cell of the mind.
The Seers, searching in their hearts with wisdom,
discovered the connection of Being in Nonbeing.
5. A crosswise line cut Being from Nonbeing.
What was described above it, what below?
Bearers of seed there were and mighty forces,
thrust from below and forward move above.
6. Who really knows? Who can presume to tell it?
Whence was it born? Whence issued this creation?
Even the Gods came after its emergence.
Then who can tell from whence it came to be?
7. That out of which creation has arisen,
whether it held it firm or it did not,
He who surveys it in the highest heaven,
He surely knows or maybe He does not!

3 Responses to “Entering Retreat”

  1. hitesvara Saravan says:

    Aum Åšivaya, an awesome translation on the origin of The Pure, experientially known by our sages thousands of years ago, now acknowledged by astrophysicists such as Halking and Einstein. Mahalo Nui Loa for posting. Gurudeva’s blessings flowing from the Lotus Feet of Bodhinathaji.

  2. Rajendra Giri says:

    Aum Namah Shivay!

  3. Natalie Levin says:

    So deeply beautiful, ancient poetry gives creation on the inner planes for us to imagine . Mahalo for sharing.

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