What Is the View of Monistic Theism?

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami discusses the Hindu view of Monistic Theism, which says God is transcendent and immanent, eternal and temporal, Being and becoming, Creator and created, Absolute and relative, efficient and material cause.

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  1. Thomas Hoppes says:

    This is a profound concept, thank you for your explanation. My understanding is that if someone believes God is all transcendent (not a separate being), then “worshipping deities” like Ganesha and Siva are more like tools to focus the mind on key concepts which these deities represent.
    I have been watching videos from Swami Tadatmananda wherein he explains how even chakras were invented to be superimposed on the body, as opposed to real things.
    Is this perspective accurate to the mysticism, or does it glaze over real convictions learned Hindus have about real gods and real chakras?

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