Renovation of Bodhinatha’s Ryokan

Upstairs in the Aadheenam building are the Guru's private quarters. An area that was completely remodeled from the base members to new rooms by the monks and taskforcers just after we purchased the property in 1970. It includes a bathroom, dressing room, bedroom and gathering areas, where only the monks are allowed. Through the last 50 years, termites have had their way. Now we have to work hard to preserve the structure. The Guru's private area is called the "Ryokan", based on the Japanese style that Gurudeva liked. Inside the Ryokan we have taken apart and replaced the ceiling and walls of the northwest sides. We hope to have it complete but Bodhinatha's return for his Jayanthi.

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  1. Annie Ruiz says:

    How wonderful for Satguru’s return. Best wishes for completion in time! Jai Ganesha!

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