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Celebrating 50 Years of Kauai Aadheenam

"Back at the Tropical Inn the monk dutifully spoke with the owner, retired Col. Albert Roesch, asking for a what-if price. 'As my manager told you twice, it's not for sale, young man.' 'Yes, I know. But if it were...' the monk sheepishly offered. Seeing there would be no respite until a number was forthcoming, Col. Roesch grumbled in a slightly threatening voice, 'If it were to be sold, and Im not saying it ever would, we would want no less than $300,000.' Back at Poipu, Master heard the number and decreed, 'Go back and tell him we cant afford that much, but we can offer him $165,000 right away. No more. Tell him that.' 'But...' 'Trust me. Just go and make the offer.' An hour later the monk stood before the man and made the counteroffer with great hesitation. 'Hmmm! Let me talk with my wife,' came the unexpected retort.
The offer, amazingly, was accepted and Master moved to the new property on February 5, 1970, spending the first night alone on the property to take psychic control before inviting the monks to join him the next day."

"Master named the lush seven-acre property Sivashram and made it his home, a courageous move in those days, leaving all past history and properties, moving thousands of miles away to a new land, a small island. Thus ended a long search for his spiritual headquarters.

"'Years ago, we came to Kauai and finally never left. I chose Kauai, the worlds most remote land mass, because I wanted to be close to my devotees in the East and close to my devotees in the West, while at the same time cloistered from the world at large. Yes, our inner life is more important than our outer life. If we were in San Francisco, New York, Singapore or New Delhi, we could not do this same work as a contemplative order of meditators and teachers, outreaching primarily through publications and the Internet. Kauai is a spiritual place, a vortex of healing energies emanating from its sacred Mount Waialeale, pristine air and ocean.'"

24 Responses to “Celebrating 50 Years of Kauai Aadheenam”

  1. PETHURAJA N. A says:


  2. Vatshalan says:

    Kauai Aadheenam is our refuge and a living example for all those who want to improve and improve and improve. Thank you to all the monks and Wailua mission who preserve the sanctity of the monastery with every thought, word and deed. We are truly blessed to have found this corner of the world. Jai Gurudeva! Jai Bodhinatha!

  3. Muthu says:

    Thank you.

  4. Varadan says:

    So thankful to know where our spiritual home is, and loved seeing those old pictures of how the old became new and more powerful. Yes, so blessed! Aum

  5. Linda Seeley says:

    To know that prayer continues at Kauai Adheenam every moment of every day, gives me great faith in the balance of our world.

  6. Ganga says:


  7. Ramai Santhirapala says:

    In 50 short years, Kauai Aadheenam has shown the world the beauty of our new Saivite world – a unique Pihana Kalani where just one visit, just one glance, will capture hearts and transform lives. Feel so blessed to have found Siva’s Citadel of the West, and the outpouring of love, wisdom and light brightly radiates as a ray wherever we physically are in the world. Thank you, nandri and mahalo lui to our beloved Satguru Bodhinatha who shines forth the mission and the mathavasis and international family who hold it strong.

    The historical photos are golden – very grateful for the share. Jai Gurudeva!

  8. Vasanthakumari N.K. says:

    It’s so nice to see the transformation from 50 years ago to the present. Appreciate greatly the beautiful pictures. Thanks to our beloved Gurudeva, Satguru Bodhinatha & monks for all your great work and services.

  9. vinaya alahan says:

    Aum ~ Very inspiring to see the beloved monks of Kauai Aadheenam looking out at the world and smiling brightly. And so many pictures worth much more than 1,000 words! Priceless. Many, many thanks. Aum Namah Sivaya

  10. Prabhakur says:

    Jai Gurudeva!

  11. Rajendra Giri says:

    Jai Gurudeva!

  12. Sundari Devam says:

    Thank you for this vision of our history. I felt very grounded. Jai Gurudeva

  13. Easan says:

    Wishing the Paramparai a wonderful 50th on the way to 1,000th ! Aum Namah Sivaya!

  14. Rick says:

    Happy Anniversary!

  15. Thilaiampalam Sivayogapathy says:

    Aum! Sri Panchamuga Ganapathi Thunnai!

    Aum! Nalluraan Vetri Vel Thunnai!

    Aum! Namasivaya!

    Aum! Guru Parampara Thunnai!

    Vanakkam Satguru Bodhinatha Veylan Swami
    His Holy Team of Sivathondars!

    Aum! Fifty Years of Glorious HOLY Sivathondu is rolling on Smoothly

    Steadily & Systematically, at KAUAI HOLY AASHRAM ,performing their HOLY Duties , as per in accordance to

    the HOLY VISION of Our beloved GURUDEVA, Sivaya Subramuniya Swami! Great!

    It is really commendable & Our humble Congratulations to All Sivathondars! Aum Siva, Siva!

    Mikka Nanri, (Thanks),

    Anpudan, (With Love),


    Thillaiampalam Sivayogapathy.

  16. Ashish Suresh Chitnis says:

    Jai Gurudeva!

  17. Gowri Nadason says:

    Once a vision, now a reality. Thank you very much Gurudeva, Bodhinatha, monks, members and devotees of Saiva Siddhanta Church. Jai!

  18. Vandana says:

    Filled with gratitude for the wonderful seva by Satguru and his dedicated monks. You all inspire us and we humbly offer you our thanks on this milestone anniversary.

  19. Namrata Ragade says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. Gurudeva, Satguru and the monks have touched and transformed the lives of many souls, in known and unknown ways…Mahalo for your ever present, guiding love and light!
    Jai Kailasa Parmapara!

  20. SATKUNENDRAN says:

    A vision come true! Sivayogaswami’s blessings and the braveness of Gurudeva is now the result of over 50 years of selfless service of the dedicated ones in the Aadheenam looking forward over thousand years ahead, whilst the Periya Kovil in Tanjavur built by king Raja Raja Cholan celebrated over thousand years, with a Kumbabishekam last week, with more than two hundred thousand devotees in attendance!
    We now await Iraivan Kumbabishekam – beginning of another thousand years.
    Thank you to Gurudeva, Satguru Bodhinatha and everyone in the Aadheenam.
    Om Sivaya

  21. Anil Ananda Badhwar says:

    Aum Namah Sivaya

    Divine decisions are wonderful. Because of this we came close to Siva.

    Thank you. Gurudeva.


  22. Rajeshwari Parasivam says:

    Filled with gratitude and joy discovering these pictures of Gurudeva bringing the Parampara and the divinities to Kauai. Thank You Gurudeva, Satguru Bodhinatha and All the Aadheenaam for guiding us on this path of love. Aum, Jai Kailasa Parampara !

  23. Rajen Manick says:

    Very inspiring photos of the early days of Kauai Aadheenam… A real jewel on Earth!

  24. Lutcheemee Curpen says:

    Siva”s abode on earth. Thank you so much Satguru, Swamis, Sadhakas, Yogis for these 50 years! Aum

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