Tirukural – Chapter 39

Part II: On Wealth

Section V: Royalty

Chapter 39: The Merits of the King

Verse 383
The king is sitting in a battlefield chariot, listening to his ministers. He watches vigilantly as his courageous soldiers practice their combat skills in the field. Later that day he falls prostrate before his guru, in search of learning’s wisdom.

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Verse 381

He is lion among kings who is well endowed with these six:
army, citizens, wealth, ministers, allies and fortresses.

Verse 382

There are four attributes that cannot be absent in a king:
fearlessness, generosity, wisdom and industriousness.

Verse 383

In those who rule the land, three traits must never lapse:
vigilance, valor and virtuous learning.

Verse 384

The noble king is unswerving in virtue, restrains wrongdoing
and courageously maintains his honor.

Verse 385

He who can produce a treasury of wealth, deposit it,
preserve it and apportion it wisely–now, that is a king!

Verse 386

All peoples praise that nation whose sovereign
is always accessible and never speaks harshly.

Verse 387

Behold the king who speaks graciously, gives generously and
protects powerfully–the world considers his word its command.

Verse 388

Ruling righteously himself and safeguarding his subjects,
a monarch may be deemed divine by his people.

Verse 389

The world lives protected beneath the umbrella
of an ethical leader who can endure words bitter to the ear.

Verse 390

He is a light among rulers who is endowed with the four merits
of generosity, graciousness, justice and care for the people.

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