The Sound of Conversational Shum

Easan and Sundari Katir bring us one of several short videos introducing conversational Shum. In this video their son Kartikkeya has added english captions. You can click the “cc” button in the lower-right, or turn them on via the gear icon so that you can understand the meaning. Moolingshum Easan and Sundari!

You can learn some of the basics about Shum here:

5 Responses to “The Sound of Conversational Shum”

  1. Niraj says:

    Moolingshum Moolingshum
    This is super cute and super helpful. Shum conversations have reached a milestone. Thank you Easan ji for fulfilling Gurudeva’s visions and making learning Shum a joyous journey..

  2. Pethuraja says:


  3. Nuckiren says:

    “Where is your awareness traveling?” This says it all.
    Bravo & moolingshum!

  4. Namrata Ragade says:

    Very Creative Easanji! Mulingshum for being our Shum Catalyst!

  5. Shamini says:

    Thank you very much for this creative and educational video! We should have a series of “THE SOUND OF CONVERSATIONAL SHUM” 🙂
    A big thank you to Mr.Easan, Ms.Sundari and Kartikkeya.

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