Tirukural – Chapter 64

Section VI: Ministers

Chapter 64: Ministers

Verse 637
A minister at his desk is studying various texts which have been translated from different nations of the world. He is interested in how others have dealt with issues that face him today and remains open to the wisdom that he finds from their experience.

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Verse 631

A minister is he who can conceive a great enterprise,
rightly choose the ways, means and time, then carry it out.

Verse 632

Added to the above five, a minister is well-endowed with
steadfastness, learning, perseverance and protection of the people.

Verse 633

He who can divide enemies, bind friends more firmly
and reunite estranged allies is unequivocally a minister.

Verse 634

Call him a minister who comprehends things,
effectively executes them and competently directs others.

Verse 635

The helpful aide understands codes of conduct, discerns what is
fitting in every situation and speaks with learned deliberation.

Verse 636

When shrewd intelligence combines with scholastic study,
who can stand before such peerless subtlety?

Verse 637

Though thoroughly learned in theoretical methods,
one should act only after fathoming the world’s proven practices.

Verse 638

The loyal minister’s duty is to communicate his counsel,
even if his leader is a dullard who spurns advice.

Verse 639

Better for the king to face 700 million far-off foes
than to retain a single counselor who conspires at his side.

Verse 640

Little matter that they can devise the perfect plan;
those without executive skills never finish their work.

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