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Tirukural – Chapter 87

Chapter 87: The Merits of Enmity

Verse 863
Two villagers in the foreground observe two responses to a raging buffalo. A young boy, ignorant and unattentive, has been trampled by the beast since he did not leave the road. A wiser traveler has found refuge behind a tree and avoided harm.

TAKA Presents the Tirukural

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Weaver’s Wisdom

Verse 861

Rein in antagonism against the strong,
but unleash animosity against feeble adversaries.

Verse 862

How can an unloving man, with neither powerful allies
nor the strength to stand alone, overcome mighty enemies?

Verse 863

He who is fearful, ignorant, unfriendly and uncharitable
proves an easy prey to his enemies.

Verse 864

Letting go of his secrets but not his antipathy,
a man becomes easy prey to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Verse 865

Without character, conscience, piety and propriety,
a man may yet be delightful–to his enemies!

Verse 866

Even hatred can be a welcome thing, when it comes from
scoundrels seized by blind rage and indulgent lust.

Verse 867

Some men undertake a task, then undermine it unawares.
Acquire their hatred–indeed, pay good money for it.

Verse 868

If a man has no virtues and many vices, he will surely have
no allies, and this will be his enemies’ surest advantage.

Verse 869

Finding that his foe is ignorant and afraid to fight,
the attacker’s cheerfulness cannot forsake him.

Verse 870

Fame will flee the grasp of one who fails to grasp
the wealth of an enemy who is angry and unlearned.

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