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Tirukural – Chapter 93

Chapter 93: Avoidance of Drunkenness

Verse 929
A grieving mother consoles her son who has drunk himself into a stupor. She is urging him, unsuccessfully, not to drink anymore. Meanwhile, her other son, being a bit foolish, rushes to save a drowning man, thinking that he can go underwater with a candle and it will illumine the man’s body.

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Weaver’s Wisdom

Verse 921

Those who crave intoxicating drink each day
will never be feared and never find fame.

Verse 922

Do not drink liquor. If some wish to, let it be those
who have no wish for the esteem of exemplary men.

Verse 923

The sight of a drunken man’s revelry is unbearable
even to his own mother. How, then, must it appear to the wise?

Verse 924

The virtuous damsel called Decency will turn her back
on men who indulge in the vile vice called drunkenness.

Verse 925

Spending one’s wealth to purchase self-oblivion
results from being oblivious to proper conduct.

Verse 926

Those who always sleep are akin to the dead.
Those who constantly drink are like men who take poison.

Verse 927

The drooping eyes of those who secretly drink betray that secret,
evoking their neighbor’s relentless ridicule.

Verse 928

Stop denying, “I never drink,” for next time you drink,
your mind’s hidden deception will be betrayed then and there.

Verse 929

One may as well carry a candle under water to search for
a drowned man as use reason to sober a drunk drowned in drink.

Verse 930

Why can’t the drunkard who, when sober, sees another’s drunken
stupor realize the degrading shame of his own drunkenness?

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