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Tirukural – Chapter 100

Chapter 100: Possession of Courtesy

Verse 999
It’s a lovely day and one man enjoys the sky, the mountains and a nearby temple. Nature‚Äôs beauties bring a smile to his face and a joy in his heart. Another man has blindfolded himself with discontent, and his day is anything but bright. He cannot smile, and his world is nothing but darkness.

TAKA Presents the Tirukural

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Weaver’s Wisdom

Verse 991

They say if a man is easily accessible to everyone,
the virtue of courtesy will be easily accessible to him.

Verse 992

Loving kindness and birth in a good family–
these two are said to confer on one a gracious manner.

Verse 993

Resemblance among humans is not that their bodies look alike.
Real similarities come from similar traits of courtesy.

Verse 994

The world commends the civility of those
who combine fruitful effort and kindly benevolence.

Verse 995

Disparaging words are painful even when uttered in jest.
Hence, knowers of human nature are courteous even to enemies.

Verse 996

The world exists because civilized men exist.
Without them, it would collapse into mere dust.

Verse 997

Though their minds are as sharp as a wood rasp,
men without human decency are as wooden as a tree.

Verse 998

It is disgraceful to be discourteous towards others,
even to unfriendly fellows who treat you unjustly.

Verse 999

To those who cannot smile in joy, this wide world
lies engulfed in darkness, even in broad daylight.

Verse 1000

Great wealth amassed by men who lack sweet courtesy
is like good milk turned sour in an unclean vessel.

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