Twin Teak Elephants from Thailand

Back in 1972 Gurudeva was leading an Innersearch to India that stopped over in Thailand. While walking through Bangkok, he and a few of us were exploring a shop specializing in carved wood items. There, near the entry, stood two marvelous teak elephants, about 40" tall. They were carved from a single tree. If you know teak, you know it is slow growing and seldom reaches such a size, since it is so valuable they are harvested early in their life. Gurudeva loved this pair. One of the Innersearchers heard him admiring it, and offered to get them as a gift for the new aadheenam on Kauai. They arrived a year later and for many years have stood as sentinels in the brick-floored courtyard where the monks have lunch each day. The years passed along with their pristine look. Recently our young Taskforcer Arunesh was inspired to clean and refurbish them with a concoction of bees wax and orange oil. Like magic, the wood turned radiant, like the day Gurudeva first saw them. Thank you, Arunesh...

8 Responses to “Twin Teak Elephants from Thailand”

  1. Namrata Ragade says:

    Amazing work, great seva Arunesh! Aum

  2. Pethuraja says:


  3. Jnanideva Cevvel says:

    Wonderful !

  4. Srilakshmi says:

    Great service 🙏

  5. Madan Ganesh Velayudham says:

    Excellent work Arunesh! Thanks for giving life to those cute elephants 💐

    Jai Gurudeva! Jai Bodhinatha.

  6. yogananda says:

    Thank you. I feel blessed by Bodhinatha in the center radiating Siva’s peace to us with the two inspiring elephants standing as witnesses and guardians.

  7. Thiru SATKUNENDRAN says:

    Thank you Arunesh for bringing back to life the two elephants, with natural resources and care. Looks great.

  8. Panshula Ganeshan says:


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