Our Global Congregation

Though remote, Kauai’s Hindu Monastery is a spiritual lighthouse for tens of thousands of people around the world—Hindus of all denominations, members of other faiths and seekers of varying commitments and interests, including those with no formal faith at all. Uncounted numbers find solace and guidance in Gurudeva’s teachings, in print and through our website and apps. Hindu families make regular annual visits that often begin as vacation pilgrimages and soon become pilgrimage vacations. Even casual one-time guests hold the monastery in their heart for the rest of their life, harkening back to its peaceful, untroubled energies when things get rocky back home. During Satguru’s frequent travels to temples across North America, Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia, hundreds come for his darshan, thereby forming an initial tie with this ancient guru lineage. Through daily worship, meditation and study of The Master Course, ardent seekers become initiated devotees of Satguru and, when qualified, members of his Saiva Siddhanta Church; some young men may go on to qualify for monastic initiation. The Church fellowship, made strong by members’ daily disciplines and formal pledge of loyalty, sustains the organization’s presence worldwide. Church members tithe to support the monastery and its works, and give generously of their time in selfless service. Their shared strengths, bolstered by regular religious gatherings with other members in their area, uplift families and help them stay firmly on the path. Such groups are most numerous in the US, Malaysia and Mauritius. In that island nation we have a seven-acre parcel of land dedicated as a Spiritual Park, where thousands of Hindus convene each month for worship and spiritual fellowship and annually to celebrate Ganesha Chaturthi. A small group of dedicated Church members live near Kauai’s Hindu Monastery and help with monastery activities, such as hosting visitors in Kadavul Temple, leading tours, staffing the Mini Mela and arranging festivals. Read more about Saiva Siddhanta Church.

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