Sri Lanka Orphans on Pilgrimage

We received a wonderful report from Babu, the head of our boy's orphanage one Sri Lanka's East Coast. He sent these photos too, and new of a major adventure the young ones took recently to that holy abode of Murugan, Kararagama, in the deep southern jungles of the island nation. As you can see from their postere, with Bodhinatha's photo on it, they carried with them a spirit of awakening, both themselves and those who saw them observing all of the traditional rites and sadhanas along the way.

BABU WRITES: Obeisance and humble salulations to our beloved satguru who guides us to serve the Hindu community and save Hindu indentity. Aum Satguru Jai!

Thirunavukkarasu Nayanar Gurukulam recently ventured into a new approach of Hindu Awakening Pilgrimage to enlighthen the youth and children of gurukulam making them to understand and follow the Hindu way of living and visiting the temples as a pilgrimage. Along the way the boys were able to meet with some swamis and get good advice for their lives. They learned much about their path.

Earlier this year I was given the rare chance to be blessed by Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami during the Asian Odessey. Lessons learnt and experience gained made me to think and apply this as a pilot programme among our own community in Sri Lanka.

It was very much helpful to foster and promote the affirmation of Hindu Indentity forever and protect the Sanatana Dharma. It has satsangam to cultivate, purify devotion and charity creation. For three days we started with puja and prayers in the early morning and ended with devotional singing. It was a full religious life. The places we visited together included Kataragama, Nuwara Eliya. In 1910 Yogaswami went on pada yatra to the ancient shrine for Katritkeya Murugan Swami. In Kataragama temples we had conducted religious rites.

It was really fruitful and all of us enjoyed this and it was a divine blessings from Gurudeva and satguru and mathavasis of Kauai. Please find some photos of the boys and myself. Yours truly, Babu

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  1. Chandra Hoezoo says:

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos and the wonderful work being done by Babu. Despite the difficult times in Northern Sri Lanka, the spirit of these youngsters seem to remain strong–surely the guidance of Satguru and Gurudeva are at work… I was also particularly thrilled and totally surprised to learn that Siva Yogaswami went on pada yatra to Kataragama in 1910. I can only imagine the greatest joy experienced by him when he reached Kataragama! Would it not be wonderful if a pada yatra to Kataragama takes place in 2010, by the followers of Siva Yoaswami to mark the 100th anniversary! Thank you all!

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