Puvanendran family

The Puvanendran Family is on pilgrimage from the UK this week. Today after attending the Sun One Homa, the family toured Iraivan Temple and then worshiped at the Narmada Lingam.

Mrs. Lakshimi Puvanendran cares for her elderly parents at home and the eighty year old couple made the 28-hour journey to visit Gurudeva's Garden Island Aadheenam.

The family originates from Sri Lanka and both the elders, Dr. Sathasivam Pasupathy-Rajah and Mrs. Saraswathi Pasupathy-Raja knew Yogaswami, the 161st Guru of the Kailasa Paramparai.

Last week the families relatives, a group of 24 aunts, uncles and cousins, visited Kauai Aadheenam from London.

Mother and daughters, Aishaini, 18, Kalaiyashni, 16 and Umashni, 11 sing devotional songs as they perform abhishekam to the Narmada Lingam

After the tour of Iraivan Temple and the grounds, the family were thrilled to meet the newest addition to the small dairy herd at the monastery.

The strong and healthy baby calf is only hours old and already she is making new friends from around the world.

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