Public Tour Day

Guess who was waiting to meet each and every guest this morning on the Tiruneri?

This little one helped everyone practice seeing the divine in another’s eyes!

Several engineers, trust and financial managers brought forth many questions regarding endowments, fund management and the engineering of concrete and Vastu.

Quite a large group today and very, very astute. We regret we didn’t get an adequate group photo. Such a great collective vibration that we ran way over our alloted time on each stop.

They were so fascinated with the ancient way this temple is being fashioned. Several of the engineer types had heard of fly ash mix and were way ahead of me on psi and curing times.

This is Thomas G. Rusling and his wife Ellen. He is a senior partner in Howe and Rusling, an investment firm who manages endowments and trusts out of New York. They were more than delightful on the tour and kept a steady stream of insightful questions. They come to Kauai often and are now helping with the building of Iraivan.

The new mini mela was packed after the tour and Isani’s ever bright smile greeted each one. There is counter space to put your items and also a place for men to sit while the ladies shop. Very successful layout.

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