New Phase Begins – With "Sweet, Sweet Smile"

A devotee offers this poem to Bodhinatha during Guru Purnima:

O, your smile!
That sweet, sweet smile
So gentle and kind
So gracious and benevolent!

The softness of your presence
Is a balm for hurt and pain
The quietness of your strength
A support during troubled times
The depth of your silence
Lights the way through the darkness
And your smile
That sweet, sweet smile
Is a beacon to Source!

O, your smile!
Is a reminder of that childlike state
Where Simplicity reigns
And Innocence dances
In whom they call Bholenath
In whom we call Bodhinatha!

My loving offering to you on Guru Purnima, with koti, koti namaskarams and immense gratitude… Jai Gurunatha Jai!

Aum Namah Sivaya!

Saravananathswami performs today’s Sun One homa

Bodhinatha's Upadeshas

Bodhinatha gave a wonderful bhashya (commentary) on Gurudeva’s teachings about consistency in sadhana taken from Living with Siva. Keep an eye on the right side bar, we are catching up rapidly with posting Bodhinatha’s recent talks.

Vel Mahalingum Arrives From Mauritius

Here is Brahmachari Vel Mahalingum arriving in Lihue from Mauritius for 6-month taskforce at Kauai Aadheenam.

Peace Pole Under Construction

Sivakatirswami is working on a second Peace Pole to be installed at the Matsunaga Peace Garden in Hanapepe. This is fairly straight camphor log that was rescued from being disposed of. Camphor trees are common on Kauai and “grow like weeds” in some areas.

With a chainsaw the log is first squared off on four size to make a 4 sided log.

Next after careful marking, six sides are roughly cut running the saw with a guide.

We finally understood the importance of the Sthapati at iraivan. Getting a job like this done correctly is all about thinking it thru and marking everything very carefully!

Next came the power planer…

The area was wafting with the fresh smell of camphor shavings every where.

That’s it, a nearly perfect hexogonal pole. Next we install placques in six languages that say “May Peace Prevail on Earth.”

The pole is being made as the monastery’s participation in the Interfaith Roundtable of Kauai, which wanted to put some of these poles into the community.

This one will go to the Hanapepe Peace Garden. A small setting where children are taught values of tolerance and cooperation to make a better world.

Find out about the Peace Pole initiative here:

Tour Day Today

These beautiful souls made the today’s tour joyful and uplifting. Showers came and went, but they kept high spirits with lovely remarks about the work the monks are doing here.

Hard to see, way in the back, John Lydgate and his wife who have been friends to the monks for years were a wonderful addition to the tour with his sense of humor and great support.

This is Faith Collier, a Himalayan Acedemy student , who both joined and helped with the public tour today, along with her husband Justice who is behind the camera.

This is Skyler. She had a wonderful morning in the gardens and later a suprisingly still meditation in Kadavul temple. Her parents were very gracious and grateful for a wonderous experience.

Yogaswami Girls' Orphanage In Sittandy Fund Raiser

The June 28th fund raiser dance recital by Nayani Rajamohan in Toronto went well.

Somas Rajamohan writes:

Vannakkam Swamy,
By the grace of almighty the recital on June 28, 2009 went very well.
The fund raising effort for the Yogaswami Girls Home in Sittandy, Batticaloa, Sri Lanka was a great success with ticket sales and donation.

Dr. V. Kandavanam and Thondunathan Aiya were present on this occasion. During Thondunatha aiya’s introduction, he too made the audience aware of the Gurudeva, Iraivan Temple, Aadheenam and the Endowment Fund.

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