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Bodhinatha in Guyana and St. Lucia

Bodhinatha sends us some news briefs for last two days of his travels:

August 24th, Tuesday

Om Sivaya, everyone,

Jai Ganapati.

We spent our day in the country of Guyana here in South America. Lots of driving in the morning to and from Tain Berbicie, two hours each direction. I gave a Keynote presentation to about 200 students at a youth camp, plus a number of adults. Questions and answers afterwards came mainly from the adults present.

The evening’s first event was a TV interview, followed by dinner and a presentation to 100 plus in a room at the convention center. Many in attendance were executive members of the Guyana Hindu Dharma Sabha.

August 25, Wednesday

We left Guyana and flew to St. Lucia. We were lovingly hosted by the Fremont and Toshadevi Nataraja family, complete with satsang at their home in the evening. Lots of individuals from a local satsang group and their friends came and expressed appreciation for the event afterwards.

Here is some really wonderful news. The prestigious Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha affirmed that they will order 500 copies each quarter of Hinduism Today as a start — an excellent breakthrough.


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