Tour Day

Guests crowd under the Banyan Mandapam to hear a short introduction to the illustrious Kailasa Parampara before setting out to see Iraivan.

It appears like the monks have a hundred full time gardeners!

A stop under a canopy of tropical shade guests hear a little about old souls and young souls, karma, all pervasive divine energy, and the core edict of Hindus; Ahimsa.

In less than an hour we are already getting close -- riding on the sacred energy flow of Kauai Aadheenam.

Oh wonder of wonders!

Ajit and Sanhya Kulkarni and Pushpa and Ashok Nalamwar were among the happy souls who joined us today.

This couple from New Mexico read an article about the monks three years ago in the Albuquerque Times and stashed it in their travel folder. When they arrived on Kauai this was their first stop.

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