Return of the Fictionary

You remember the Fictionary, that much-needed addition to human knowledge that nobody seems to have thought of. It was created to honor Gurudeva who was wonderful with words, inventing them when they did not exist, playing with them when they did. He even created Shum, his own language. Continuing in that tradition, the monks have begun a FICTIONARY, which is a dictionary for words that should exist, but don't. Today we share a few, and invite you to send in more to be added to our official Fictionary here at the monastery. wierdism: A thing that is strange or odd. penguine (the missing verb): To huddle in order to protect one another, to make the community safe) By penguining, the mountain climbers were able to survive the avalanche. narrowfied: (Another missing verb) Made thin or attenuated. Their minds were narrowfied by their refusal to learn about an outside culture. duffi: plural for duffus internet (v): Verb form of the famed word. i.e., "Can you internet that to me?" editoritis: the compulsive disorder suffered by certain editors characterized by intelligent, fastidious, exquisitiely lucid and totally useless editing of materials (such as billboards, menus and user manuals) no one but themselves will ever see. Known to be contagious. varietous: full of variety, varied press conference, (v): To give the PR response to something instead of the real facts. "Don't press conference me on your relationship with Tim." insultant: An expert who offers feedback, like a consultant, but more negative The Fictionary needs you. Send in your Fictional word or words today. E-mail: [email protected]

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  1. Beth Hayward says:

    The fictionary is wonderful. I was Laughing out loud in the middle of my kitchen as I read them!!!!! How fun! The one I like the most and will use as soon as I can find a conversation to say it in is “press conference”. 🙂
    Thanks, Peace, Beth

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