Monastery Twitter Updates for 2011-03-01

  • Apple Store Kauai opens today… Not really. Just our quad-annual computer peripheral refresh. Old displays outgoing. #
  • Report on @HinduStudents Association's annual Gateway retreat attended by Bodhinatha | Indo American News #

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Sun Four

Today the Ganapati Kulam gave their news. The team is focused on several fronts. The Guru Parampara book is moving ahead. The first draft was issued internally and has been read Bodhinatha and a few of the other monk for input. Artwork is being processed.

Our Hinduism Today April issue arrived from the press and it was impressive! The digital edition and online update for the quarterly release will be coming in a day or so.

In the background we are working on a major upgrade to this very Himalayan web site. It started in the very early days of the internet, with our first pages going on line as far back as 1995. There was a subsequent minor upgrade about 1998 when TAKA came on line. Then we did a major overhaul of the design in 2004.
We’ve learn a lot in those years and the new web site will be quite advanced with navigation on steroids to provide users better access to our content. We are also planning to open up the design to allow for more full screen width photos and movies.

Once we reach our first goal of having all our existing media assets easily accessible, then we will move forward with some new innovations. This new initiative is made possible thanks to the contributions made by everyone to the Digital Dharma Drive.

While the Himalayan Academy web site talks to the whole world, a separate initiative is also underway to build a complete social networking and collaboration site for Saiva Siddhanta Church members.

Stay tuned for big digital things to come.

New Electrical Service Planning Underway

Bob Conti, from Straight Edge Incorporated, an electrical engineering firm on Kauai, came today with drawings and plans to go over with Yoginathaswami and Easvan Param.

Easvan Param has decades of experience as an electrical contractor and is on board the project as a expert consultant to make sure everything goes right and eventually to assist with installation.

After their meeting the team takes a walk on the property planning out where the underground service lines will go, where they will come up above ground to provide panels for the secondary power take off to various building structures.

Landscaping Routines

Our Siddhidata Kulam has a strict calendar of tasks programmed into their database. Every day a schedule is issues of maintenance task. “Landscaping routines” is one of these. Here is Sadhaka Rajanatha removed old leaves from a Ti plant.

Palms and tree ferns provide a steady stream of branches to be removed and given back to Mother Nature.

And of course those things that everyone knows and loves the world over: leaves from trees.

Wailua Mission Members Cleaning Statues

Each year Kulapati Deva Seyon and Tandu Sivanathan take joy in cleaning the Big Nandi in front of Kadavul. They continued on today working on Tiruvalluvar and Tirumular in front of the monastery courtyard.

This was one of the first two pieces of granite that Gurudeva had shipped from India, since then there has been a non-stop flow of marvels sponsored by Saiva Siddhanta Church and Himalayan Academy.

Of course there is Iraivan, but also many Ganesha murtis for temples all over the world, giant statues for here and Mauritius, and art work… more pieces than you can count, all gracing our grounds, our temples, our books, the internet.

It is all part of a not-so-secret plan to “infiltrate, uplift and illumine” the planet with Hindu cultural and religious imagery and teachings.

Word of the Day

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