Brahmachari Dinanatha from Moscow

Brahmachari Dinanatha is from Moscow. He met Gurudeva in St. Petersburg and considers Gurudeva his diksha guru. Dinanatha runs a travel business but has been a Brahmachari for 20 years and has dedicated his life to Saivism. He says that the Russian edition of Dancing with Siva, is for him “like shakitpat.”

He came to Kauai to be in touch with all the swamis here and Bodhinatha and get a renewed vision for future life in service to Siva and spreading Gurudeva’s teachings in Russia. He returns with new goals to get Dancing with Siva re-printed (it is out of print and there is a very high demand for copies) and Merging with Siva also, and possibly even one day, a Russian edition of Hinduism Today.

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