Nartana Ritau Beings the New Year Nandana

Sadhu Paksha is over and we started the Nartana Ritau yesterday with Tamil New Year. Today we began the phase with homa and the traditional changing of the flag. The coral pink flag of the Moksha Ritau was brought down and the orange flag of the Nartana Ritau was raised.

In his talk after the homa Bodhinatha remarked that the Master Course is like reincarnation because once you finish it, you start over again... Lesson 1 was yesterday and today was lesson 2. Bodhinatha gave a powerful upadesha on this lesson, give a bhashya on each sentence, focusing on the core teaching that we are already one with God Siva, we only have to find that truth, which we do daily in our vigil.

He also commented on the Nartana Ritau which also corresponds to the New Year as observed in many states in India and several other countries. It is when the sun enters Aries, the intellect comes into power and a time for planning.

You can read about this ritau in the two newsletters that we have posted on our Saiva Siddhanta Church site where thorough details and guidance is given for all the sishya to follow for this coming season. If you want see how seriously Gurudeva and Bodhinatha take the "sadhana of planning" don't miss clicking on these links.

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  1. Jutikadevi Sivaraja says:

    I love Lord Hanuman! <3

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