Media Studio Renovation

Sharing today a couple of images that show the design directions for the publication's building renovation. The first one shows some ventilation grates and windows, done in a kolam tribal motif. Followed by some screen shots of the interior from above, one showing the floor.

Task-forcers to Princeville

Over the three-day retreat Sadasivanathaswami and Sadhaka Mayurnathan took the taskforcers on a tour of the Princeville Botanical Gardens. The owners and designers (Bill, Lucinda and Michael) took us through their amazing 8-acre paradise complete with trails and stream, bridges and many thousands of plants.

Here and there Michael would say "that one's from the monastery, and that one and the palm over thereā€¦) We have been sharing with them over the years and they invited us to come. Lucinda gave a tasty chocolate tutorial, complete with 10 or 12 artisan chocolates, including her own home-made (yes, from their own cacao trees).

They are devotees of Anandamayima, the "hugging guru."

Bringing the Three Worlds Together

The temple is where the inseparable connection between this and the inner worlds is most easily felt. The Homa is a sacred ritual by which offerings are made to the inner worlds, establishing communication and one mindedness. At today's homa Jnanideva Cevvel took his Vratashishya vows after years of personal study. He has been at the monastery on task force for the past four months and has been an incredible help in the current media studio reconstruction project.

Archives are now available through 2001. Light colored days have no posts. 1998-2001 coming later.

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