Puja in Honolulu

A month back the monastery received a call, inviting Bodhinatha to attend and bless their 25th-Year Anniversary puja on April 21, today. With Bodhinatha in Texas, Sadasivanathaswami and Yoginathaswami flew to Oahu for the special event.

It is closing a circle, since it was in 1988 that Savitri Kumaran, then working as a nurse at a local hospital, first saw an article on the Haawaiian Healing Stone, and visited it. Seeing that it was so akin to a Sivalingam, she invited others to come and see, and soon it attracted Gurudeva's attention.

He saw it was being neglected and flew over to begin monthly pujas, and for a long time the monks did this each month until the local community was able to take it on. They have done it regularly since then under the name of LOTUS.

The specialty of this site is that it is a small 10-foot cube right on the sidewalk in a small community. Yoginatha did a great abhishekam and Sadasivanathaswami held a short satsang afterwards, answering the question,"What is the future of Hinduism in America?"

A wonderful meal followed in an elementary school cafeteria, with lots of animated conversation.

Weekly Tours Begin Again

The gates are open again to our weekly public tour with the end of Sadhu Paksha. From every imaginable background they come to hear about the Great God Siva and His Iraivan Temple, Satgurus, and the dedicated life of our Monks.

Strange Shapes

How quickly can you guess what kind of odd-looking plant life this is?

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