Glass Window Wall Installed

The Media studio renovation is steadily coming along. Just recently the large glass window wall was installed. The Glass is very thick and heavy, so our professional team had to work hard to get it in, but they've done a wonderful job.

Recent Kauai visitors

A wedding party from Tennessee visited us several times while on Kauai for a wedding, first to join the weekly grounds tour and then again to have darshan blessings from Satguru Bodhinatha. Suvarna and Nilesh got married on May 25th. The priest who performed their wedding on the ocean at Marriott hotel in Lihue also participated with enthusiasm in our Vaikasi Visakam evening puja.

From the Capital

Bodhinatha and Arumuganathaswami are currently in DC for Bodhinatha's prayer which will open the House of representatives tomorrow. Here the are in front of this statue of Ghandi. The following photos are of a beautiful statue of Goddess Saraswati in front of the Indonesian embassy, across the street from the Indian Embassy. It's just been completed by Balinese workers. The child in front on the left is Barack Obama, who went to elementary school in Indonesia for two years; he's seen here, sitting with two Indonesian girls. This statue has yet to be dedicated, so hasn't been in the news.

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