Growing the Fictionary

CyberCadets know that the monks maintain a Fictionary: A lexicon of words that should be in the dictionary but are not. This grows from time to time as we stumble on the moment we have all known, those awkward (and fun) moments when we know the word but the world has not yet discovered it. Is this not how language has always evolved? Are Shakespeare and street kids the only ones who can make this stuff up? No, we cry out. Not now. Not ever. Which is precisely how the word "never" evolved.

So today we share the latest inclusions in the Fictionary, and again invite submissions in case you have a word or two that should be immortalized.

play-pretend: A Gurudevaism (sbaw);  describing when an adult is doing something serious in a frivolous or foolish way. "The swami was married, making his life mere play-pretend."

sbaw: Should be a word

dutious: Different from dutiful, parallel to study and studious. Doing something with a conscious sense that you are executing your duty, achieving a high standard in one's work.

emptillness: Describes the state of seeing all existence as simultaneously infinitely full and totally empty.

microtyaga: A small letting go, renunciation, surrender, such as letting someone else be right, or skipping that second helping at the dinner table, our accepting something that you don't like. As opposed to major sacrifices and acts of tyaga.

coolth: The missing noun for cool, as warm is to warmth.

nonbreviation (or nontraction):  Two words which would ordinarily be abbreviated or contracted, but which in their current context must remain separate.  Example:  You can not only see it, but touch it as well.  Here, "can not" is a nonbreviation, since "can" is being used in its positive sense and "not" relates to only.  Therefore, neither cannot nor can't is appropriate here.

biasist: One who is not neutral, and who holds a bias

casuality: an arrived state of being casual, mentally and physically. 
"His general casuality about life made him easy to get along with."

spectacularity (n) - the quality of being spectacular.  Usage:  The view of Iraivan Temple from the drinking fountain is unsurpassed for spectacularity.

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    Add to the Fictionary – “Innerstanding” as opposed to “Understanding”….

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