Gurudeva Speaks of the Mind’s Illusion and Your Duties


We are happy to release yet another golden gem from Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami’s audio archives. This incredible upadesha from 1962 is from the inner sky of the Vedic Rishis, but presented by Gurudeva in a language that the public can understand. He explains the illusion of the mind, karma, meditation, dharma, and Self-Realization from the Advaita perspective. He urges listeners to follow the laws of religion, discover and fulfill their duties. The talk contains guidance for mothers and an especially compelling section on how to listen to and understand the language of the soul. Excerpts from the transcript:

“The mind is only an illusion ever creating itself carried forth by its own creations. It is but a dream and we find reality in the mind only from the depths of our memory as we project our fears worries and doubts, hopes and aspirations into the future. Only from the depths of the memory and what you have already projected mentally into the future…The two states of consciousness that we have here, the past and the future if you meditate upon that you can bring yourself into a deeper knowing and actual experience of the eternity of the now. There are many subtle things that take place as you practice yoga and as you fulfil your life in fulfilling your duty and become consciously conscious of exactly where you are in space or where you are in evolution. That is your first realization in being consciously conscious or consciously aware….” Click here to listen along with the full transcript

Recent Visitors

This is Devika Muruga with her son Shivaram and daughter Divya from Massachusetts, plus Devika's sister Radika and her husband, and brother Romesh from Toronto. They stopped over for a day on the way to Sydney. Devika was last here when her children were just tiny tots.

Recent Darshans with Satguru Bodhinatha

Mauritius Pancha Ganapati Celebration for Children

Our Saiva Siddhanta Church sishyas and advanced students in Mauritius organized a special Pancha Ganapati celebration for youth in their Saivite Hindu Religion classes.
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Guruthondu Day Tree Planting

Every quarter the monastery observes Guruthondu day. On this day the entire monastery gets together and pushes forward on a single project that the guru decides on. Yesterday morning, following their meditation, the monks geared up with their boots, water bottles, gloves and sunhats, then drove to Himalayan Acres across the river. We've been working hard to prepare many acres of land for hardwood planting, and yesterday a large part of that initiative moved ahead. Overall the monks planted 1,400 koa seedlings throughout one of our freshly tilled fields. We will also have some sandalwood trees planted intermittently throughout this field. One day these trees will be a whole forest of very special hardwoods. Jai Ganesha!

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