Siddhidata Kulam Garden And Water Activity

When Gurudeva made Sannyasin Yoginathaswami the Talaivar of the Siddhidata Kulam, two of the commissions Gurudeva gave him were to make a "no tractor" garden and also to keep our water streams flowing. Anna Purna garden is composed of an enclosed area with raised beds surround by fruit trees. The team recently added another 12 beds to the garden. We also we up to inspect the reservoir yesterday, which feeds our stream and also vents into the Wailua River just about 1/4 of a mile above Iraivan.

Here is a recent Siddhidata Kulam harvest report from the last week of May. Just imagine what it would cost to buy all this! And this does not include the fruit harvest of Bananas, Papayas, Chiku and others

Vegetable# PoundsDate
Beans 14 5/23/2014
Eggplant Purple 8 5/23/2014
Eggplant White 4 5/23/2014
SuSu 49 5/23/2014
Kale Curley 10 5/23/2014
Green Papaya 19 5/23/2014
Kang Kong 6 5/23/2014
Lettuce 4 5/23/2014
Fern 12 5/24/2014
Swisschard 8 5/24/2014
lettuce 4 5/24/2014
Cooking Banana 28 5/24/2014
Eggplant Purple 4 5/26/2014
Eggplant White 2 5/26/2014
Gourds 4 5/26/2014
Pakwan 9 5/26/2014
Cabbage 11 5/26/2014
Susu 26 5/26/2014
Beans 5 5/26/2014

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