A Big Hawaiian Mahalo

Shaka is the common symbol for island life, ocean and surfing culture. If you are on our island, you will see the locals using this gesture to communicate their brotherhood, their sisterhood, their shared affection for our tropical island spirit. The friendly shaka hand mudra (which must be delivered with a certain exact nonchalance) means: Hello there! Good bye. How'zit? It means everything is OK and you can relax, Hang Loose, as the locals say.

Today we can relax, as our once-each-year Digital Dharma Drive has gone over the goal! So we are celebrating with a big Mahalo Nui Loa, giving voice to our gratitude that you all did the needful to help us continue adding resources to our website in the coming year. We think you will enjoy some of the magical things that are coming to a screen near you. You may not know, but our resources serve many thousands around the world. Some of Satguru's Publishers Desk articles are read by over 30,000, and our History of Hindu India movies on YouTube have views in the millions.

Our goal this year was $70,000, and more than that came in. We are inspired by this generosity to work hard to give the Hindu world the tools and resources it needs on into the future. Aum Namasivaya!

Why Is the Satguru So Important? Path to Siva Lesson 35

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami

Bodhinatha's Latest Upadeshas - Commentaries on Path to Siva
Why Is the Satguru So Important? , Lesson 35 (November 19,2017) Also available in the SivaSiva App.

The satguru helps his devotees mover closer to God, deeper into themselves, into the sat, the real,the truth. Turn away from the world/asat--that which is not the truth, to find the truth/sat. Sat has no beginning and no end; it is eternal. The world is relatively real, it exists but is constantly changing. That which is absolutely real exists and is changeless. The satguru is trying to help you find that part of us that doesn't change/sat.

Path To Siva, Lesson 35.

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