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Hanuman Goes to Loveland, Colorado: CHAPTER FIVE

All of our bronze statues have been done in America's most highly regarded community of bronze artisans, in Loveland, Colorado, about 90 minutes north of Denver. We are fortunate to have the most skilled artists.

When last we left Hanuman, the 65 molds had been shipped to Page Bronze. Here Kathy Page took over. She made wax copies of Holly's 65 molds, perfect copies that would be used in the famed lost wax method of casting molten metals.

In all 29 craftsmen and women went to work and in about 8 months created the new masterpiece--a 13-foot-tall bronze Hanuman that is stunningly beautiful. He is a perfect copy of the stone Hanuman in form (well, Holly did add lots of refined details), and like the stone He will last for 1,000 years and more.

Today Hanuman stands in a workshop in rural Loveland, shining with a golden glow. But, as Chapter Six will reveal, that golden radiance is about to be transformed!

3 Responses to “Hanuman Goes to Loveland, Colorado: CHAPTER FIVE”

  1. Lynda McClanahan says:

    This is so beautiful. How interesting that both Hanuman and Iraivan will now be made from the same material.

  2. Rajendra Giri says:

    Thank you,
    Jai Hanuman Ji!

  3. Ramai Santhirapala says:

    We make our plans, and then Siva makes His – more resplendent than can be imagined. Following this story avidly as a beautiful reminder of the spirit that runs through and emanates from the Aadheenam; no obstacle is too great and a creative opportunity to build a ‘future of futures’. He carries not only Iraivan to Kauai, but a tale that will brighten many hearts now and in centuries to come; ‘Siva Will Be Done; All that is happening is for the good’. Sincerest mahalos for sharing. Aum Namah Sivaya.

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