Innersearch 2019 Sri Lanka Compilation Video

A compilation video of our Innersearch 2019 Sri Lanka travel-study program. Fifty participants traveled with Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami and four of his monks to Negombo, Jaffna and Trincomalee. They had classes with Satguru, went on adventuresome outings, worshiped at powerful temples and visited holy shrines related to the Kailasa lineage.

6 Responses to “Innersearch 2019 Sri Lanka Compilation Video”

  1. Nuckiren says:

    Golden Lanka.
    Jai Jai Jai Kailasa Parampara!

  2. Savitri Palani says:

    Feels like I am with you in Sri Lanka.


  3. arni narendran says:

    Such a Divine Journey of the Island Nation of Ceylon with its myriad Sivan and Murugan temples and Abodes of the sages of Harmony and Light.Blessed are the Inner searchers 2019.

  4. Indivar Sivanathan says:


  5. Anjali Sundaram says:

    Mikka, mikka nandri to Raj Kumar for compiling this beautiful review of an Innersearch of a lifetime. And many more nandris to Satguru Bodhinatha and our dear monks for all the work they did to make this happen. Sri Lanka and its holy places related to our Parampara drew me in, and will now always be part of me. In addition, I am so blessed to have been able to renew old friendships and bond with so many like-minded souls from all over the world. AUM Jai Ganesha, Who leads me/us always on the Right Path!!

  6. Jai Sivakumara says:

    Thank you for an absolutely magnificent Sri Lanka video compilation! The images and the religious songs and music captured beautifully the noble spirit our Saivite religion, the profound devotional and mystical worship, and the subtle elegance of the Tamil people and culture. Kudos and kudos to those who skillfully created this media peace. I was transported to Sri Lanka and uplifted by this divine video. Thanks again,

    Jai Ganesha!

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