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Tirukural – Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Charity

Verse 226
A rich family is seen personally feeding the poor in their home, a temple and the marketplace. They have learned that to relieve the hunger of the less fortunate is the right use of their wealth. They receive the blessings of the inner plane deities.

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Verse 221

Giving to the poor is true charity.
All other giving expects some return.

Verse 222

Though some may declare it a good path, garnering gifts is bad.
Even if they say it denies one Heaven, giving gifts is good.

Verse 223

Men of good birth graciously give,
never uttering the wretched excuse, “I have nothing.”

Verse 224

How unpleasant a beggar’s pleading can become,
until one sees his face so sweetly pleased.

Verse 225

Great, indeed, is the power to endure hunger.
Greater still is the power to relieve others’ hunger.

Verse 226

Relieving the ravaging hunger of the poor
is a right use for wealth men have obtained.

Verse 227

The fiery scourge called hunger never touches
the man who shares his daily meal with others.

Verse 228

Is it because they are unaware of the joys of giving
that hard-hearted men waste their wealth by hoarding it?

Verse 229

More bitter than even a beggar’s bread is the meal
of the miser who hoards wealth and eats alone.

Verse 230

There is nothing more bitter than death;
yet even death seems sweet when giving is impossible.

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