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Topping the Lava Rock Wall

Jai Ganesha!

This week Umut and his team from Innov8 construction have begin adding the top layer of stones to Iraivan Temple's lava rock wall. The east side of the wall is nearing completion and this is the last layer of added stone upon it. They are able to move quickly, since this part doesn't require large amounts of concrete. It does however need a very strong mix that can withstand the countless years of rains that will fall upon these top pieces. Umut must also go through ever joint while the concrete is wet and make it look more natural and finished. He tells us that once we remove the tarps, to won't take long for the elements to turn all the stones a uniform dark-grey color. It should look striking in juxtaposition to the white granite temple above. Aum Namah Sivaya.

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