Tirukural – Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Avoiding Unmindfulness

Verse 537
A sculptor of great skill has undertaken a difficult project, but will succeed because he is pursuing it with great mindfulness.

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Verse 531

Excessive anger’s harm is exceeded
by excessive merriment’s mindless mishaps.

Verse 532

Just as perpetual poverty slowly nullifies one’s knowledge,
so frequent forgetfulness destroys one’s prestige.

Verse 533

Unmindful men will never know renown.
This is the verdict of every virtuous text in the world.

Verse 534

Nothing will provide defense for the cowardly,
and nothing will secure good for the unmindful.

Verse 535

The forgetful man who fails to take precautions
against impending perils will regret his negligence afterwards.

Verse 536

Nothing can compare to watchfulness
extended unfailingly to all people at all times.

Verse 537

There is nothing too difficult for the man who
consciously conceives and carefully executes his work.

Verse 538

One should do that which men extol as praiseworthy.
Forgetfully failing to do so brings deprivation lasting seven births.

Verse 539

Whenever the mind is engrossed in pleasant infatuations,
one should remember men who were ruined by forgetfulness.

Verse 540

It is easy to get what you think of
if you can get yourself to think of it.

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