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Walk Through Wai Koa Plantation

A couple of our monks visited this 500+ acre plantation recently to walk beautiful public trails through its 82,000-tree mahogany hardwood farm, the largest of its kind in the USA. The Wai Koa Plantation was founded in 2006 by Bill Porter, founder of ETrade, and his wife Joan. The plantation also includes multiple food produce farms.

After walking through the mahogany trees, the trail leads to the beautiful Stone Dam and swimmable area above it. The property used to be a sugar plantation and the dam was created to provide irrigation at the time.

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  1. Pethuraja says:


  2. Faith Collier says:

    The Wai Koa Plantation mahogany forest and stone dam has been our personal prayer/ meditation/ contemplation sanctuary for many years where we receive clarity and visions that align us with our perfect future. In the past year, in this sacred place, we have been guided to cut our ties with the Christian church, enroll in Gurudeva’s Master Course, come to Kadavul Temple almost daily, live and breathe every aspect of Hinduism, and move our home closer to the Hindu Monastery, which is in process. We know that God Siva is dancing away on that property, and can attest to Lord Ganesha’s grace and blessings in catalyzing our thoughts so obstacles are removed on the inner planes. Thank you Bill and Joan Porter for your generosity to this island, and to this planet.

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