Dada Vaswani's Speech at the Parliament

We have always felt close to Dada J.P. Vaswani, the spiritual head of Sadhu Vaswani Mission in Pune, India. In the late 1990s he came to Kauai to see Gurudeva, whom he adored. Gurudeva had him address the monks in our guru temple--a very rare privilege. He was later chosen as Hinduism Today’s 2002 Hindu of the Year for the magnificent work he does worldwide. We met with him in Melbourne, interviewed him again for Hinduism Today, and he was just as charming as ever, exuding the love and the basic practical advice that he is known for. He gave a rousing speech at the Convocation of Hindu Spiritual Leaders at the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Melbourne on December 8, declaring that to begin to solve the world’s problems we must stop all killing and raise our children with love.

More about his address at his website.

Delivery of the Kodimaram

Stepping back to yesterday we watch the arrival of the Kodimaram on a 45-foot long trailer.

The trailer was just barely able to negotiate the curves on our back entry road.

Our Siddhidata team is on hand to guide and unload.

A look inside the crate and we can see the flag pole.

Yoginathaswami on the forklift.

With the pole lifted up, the truck then drove away and the Kodimaram was stowed away safely in our Loha Guha storage area.

Oh How They Love Hinduism Today!

A Story from Palaniswami:

Hinduism Today, Gurudeva’s brilliant creation, continues to amaze. Every single Hindu there knows it and reads it. In the halls and chambers of the Parliament I had a most revealing experience, about four times. It went something like this:

Important swami approaches with impressive retinue, meets us and stops to inquire:

“Namaste, and where are you from?” (Said with the clear sense that we are blessed to meet him)

We’re from Hawaii, swami

Oh. And what is your mission’s name?

Saiva Siddhanta Church

I see. And what do you do there? (awkwardly looking for a way to exit the conversation)

I am the editor of a magazine, swami.

Very good. What magazine would that be?

It’s called Hinduism Today.

(Suddenly there is unrestrained elation in the voice) Hinduism Today! I LOVE Hinduism Today. You’re the editor? I am so glad to meet you. Let’s talk about…

Ah, the power of the press. From no-name minion to BFF in just one sentence. How sweet it is to see everyone’s smile when they know who we are. How wise our Gurudeva was, wise and prescient.

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