Our Cedar Room Table, Part Two: On the Home Stretch

This is the second of two posts about the creation of the conference table for the Media Studio. It is a table made of Formosan Koa in an unusual style. Here is a look, over many months, into the building of the table base, the completion of the top, and the adding of the copper end plates to the top cross members. Enjoy.

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  1. holly young says:

    Wow. I don’t know what was more impressive, the design, the woodworking expertise, the tools, or the wood itself! Thank you for sharing. What a pleasure to follow such craftsmanship.

  2. adi sankara peruman says:

    Wonderful piece of Art !

  3. Jnanideva Cevvel says:


  4. Adi Srikantha says:

    Incredible outcome of so much dedicated efforts !
    Another masterpiece from the Aadheenam wood shop.

  5. Rajeshwari Parasivam says:

    Marvelling at seeing the process, evolution and realization of Art, Siva’s Art. Thank you for such a magnificient creation. It is perfection !

  6. Vanita says:

    Amazing transformation! I love the copper plates! Beautiful addition!

  7. Prabhakur says:


  8. Deva Seyon says:

    What Mastery! For those of us who love wood (and basic, very basic woodworking), watching Acharya Kumarnathaswami it is hard to imagine more than a handful of wood-masters on earth, who could conceive, mill, and manifest a creation like this in the modern era. I saw a documentary a couple of years ago – I believe it was the Miyadaiku (sp) tradition (in Japan- they build temples) the apprentices pick one tool for life when they are young boys – just one; a wood plane, a chisel or a saw and the reason they gave was it takes more than one lifetime to master a single tool. It is amazing how unique and skilled each of our senior monks are and how they take the creative kundalini energy from their mediations to master their chosen craft, be it woodworking, gardening, farming, etc. etc. They are all on another level of creation that is both inspiring and humbling to witness. What an amazing step by step presentation of wood mastery. Also very inspiring to see our taskforces who caught Kumarnathaswami’s vision and came back again and again to Kauai to help him bring it into manifestation.

  9. Amma Anne Deer says:


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