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History of Hindu India Music Video – Indians Love Pilgrimage

“Indians Love Pilgrimage” is the fourteenth song in Hinduism Today’s History of Hindu India Music Video series. It is a song for children intended to complement the fifth chapter of our popular History of Hindu India documentaries, “21st Century India.” The documentaries and songs neatly supplement the study of India and the Hindu religion in American middle schools. This music video covers the concept of pilgrimage in Hinduism, including descriptions of Amarnath Cave pilgrimage and the 22 purifying wells of Rameshwaram Temple. Throughout Indian history, pilgrimage has been a great unifying factor across the subcontinent.

Produced by Hinduism Today

Music and Video: Aks and Lakshmi (
Lyrics: Dragan Stojkovski
Subtitles: Igro Burenkov (,

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3 Responses to “History of Hindu India Music Video – Indians Love Pilgrimage”

  1. Pethuraja says:


  2. Jayendran says:

    lovely Hindu monastery helping us with good knowledge; thank you people!

  3. Bhavani Param says:

    Aum. Gorgeous video! Such a delight to watch and hear again and again…

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