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Gurudeva’s Affirmations for Difficult Times

We continue today sharing some of Gurudeva's positive mantrams for stabilizing emotions and overcoming obstacles in life.

Let Us Affirm Goodness

Gurudeva would say that the mind, the conscious mind, is driven by its own novelty and always mulling over external things. Comfort. Safety. Pain. Desire. Fear.

He urged seekers to fill the mind with positive thoughts through the use of affirmations. If repeated, affirmations carve deep channels in the mind, changing fear to trust, regret to hope, penury to abundance.

It has been a long time since the human race faced such a compelling a threat as this pandemic. So never have we needed positive affirmations more.

With that in mind, we have assembled today a few of Gurudeva's little mental mantrams. If you find the world's predicament is overwhelming you and those around you, just pick an affirmation and repeat it for a few minutes. It will be a medicine for the mind, a salve for the spirit, a comrade during quarantine.

Bodhinatha Talks – Two Month Update

Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami

Also available on mobile via the SivaSiva.App

Ahimsa, All Life is God.

Mystic Power of Darshan, Vision of Oneness?

Inner Worlds Open, Increased Sensitivity

Nine Ways to Merge with Siva, Go As Deep As You Can

Four Stages of Vedanta Versus Siddhanta

Expanded Consciousness-Apex, the Pulse of the Universe

Concentrate at the Top of Head, Going Beyond the Light

Click here to go to an index of all of Bodhinatha's and Gurudeva's online audio.

Canadian Ladies Retreat

Aum Namah Sivaya

This week we've enjoyed the presence of seven guests from Canada. Many of these women were born and grew up in Sri Lanka, and immigrated to Canada after getting married. While here they have enjoyed a few classes with Satguru and the swamis and also had an opportunity to perform personal sadhanas in our temples and jungle gardens. Aum

Four Latest Talks by Bodhinatha

Bodhinatha We are happy to bring you the latest four Sun One Upadeshas by Bodhinatha. He continues to weave the threads of the intricacies of Raja Yoga practices as found in Merging with Siva. Get them here, on the talks index. They are also available on your smartphone using SivaSiva app --> Listen --> Bodhinatha's Latest. We suggest you go where you have Wi-Fi or good bandwidth and when you listen, click on the Download button to save them to your "My Audio" library. Get the app here. (For those who tried SivaSiva app years ago, it has much improved and it stable on iOS and Android)
Intuition Requires Careful Handling of the Intellect

The Nada Nadi Shakti, Resolved Mistakes

Ida Pingala; Daily Realization

Ahimsa. All Life is God.

It’s a Good Time to Meditate!

Aum Namah Sivaya!
With our entrance into the inner season known as the Moksha Ritau, and with the approach of Ardra Darshanam, it's a great time of year to work on deepening your meditations. Here follows a wonderful talk given by Satguru just following last year's Mahasivaratri which might inspire your inner strivings. Enjoy!

Finishing Sadhu Paksha and Our Phase

Over the past several weeks our monks have been breaking from their usually routine morning group sadhana and doing their own personal worship and mediation. Known as "Sadhu Paksha" this two-week period happens 3 times a year, during each of our seasonal changes. We will now be entering the Moksha Ritau, which will officially be welcomed at the beginning of our next lunar phase, with a flag raising and special homa.

"All are gods, even though they don't understand. Everything is God. How can God understand God?" - Yogaswami

Fantastics Upadeshas on Sub and Superconscious Mind

We have been quite far behind in getting Bodhinatha's latest talks onto the server. But we are now caught up. Since September, he has been focussing on intuition, sub-superconscious mind and the higher realms of Raja Yoga sadhana. Fabulous talks! Get them here, on the talks index. They are also available on your smartphone using SivaSiva app --> Listen --> Bodhinatha's Latest. We suggest you go where you have Wi-Fi or good bandwidth and when you listen, click on the Download button to save them to your "My Audio" library. You may want to listen to them several times to catch nuggets therein. Get the app here. Here was one of where he comments on a rare verse by Yogaswami Involution, Nirvikalpa Samadhi, Shum Technique

Defining the Subsuperconscious Mind

Introducing Spiritual Workout 2.0!

Aum Namah Sivaya,

We've just released version 2.0 of our Spiritual Workout app. The app has been rebuilt from the ground up for increased performance, bug fixes and an updated user interface. We've also added a few features such as more meditations and a Hatha Yoga section.

iOS Users:
The app is available on your app store or available as an update if you already have it.

Android Users:
The app has been updated, but the Google Play store can take up to a week to propagate it to their users, so it might be a few days before you see it. You'll know by the bright-gold Nataraja icon

Here's a complete feature list:

Note: Nearly every page in the app has a little "i" icon at the bottom which contains a lot of explanatory information in it about whatever item you are looking at. For instance the "Aum chanting" has a full description of how to properly chant Aum.

10 minute sadhana
- Choose what book and lesson you'd like to start on
- App will remember what your reading and advance the lesson next time you use it
- takes you through 2 minutes of Ganesha Mantra, 2 minutes of Aum chanting, 1 minute of affirmation and 5 minutes of study.

Worship Section
- perform Japa using provided mantras to Ganesha, Murugan, Hanuman or Siva
- Audio included for all Mantras
Chanting practice:
- learning sections for mantras either include the mantra in smaller, easy to learn chunks with audio and transliterations and translations
- shanti mantra
- bhojana mantra
- guru mantra
- mantra pushpam
- all Ganesha puja mantras
Ganesha Puja:
- leads user through all the steps of our atmartha Ganesha puja
- includes chants, instructions and audio

- timed Aum chanting
- timed pranayama
- timed meditations
- Includes three guided meditations, inner light, inner sound and inner self.

- includes a full list of our published affirmations with adjoining audio and affirmation timer

- includes a large amount of online books hosted
- includes 4 offline books, currently the trilogy and Path to Siva in a text only lesson form that is always accessible.

"More" section
- includes standard stuff like terms of service, about us, rate the app, etc.
- Also include a section of resources for our students which includes the Guru Vandanam chant in learning format and transliteration-only versions of ashtottaras for Bodhinatha, Gurudeva and Yogaswami.

Hatha Yoga
- there is now a timed hatha yoga section
- set your time and it will lead you through all poses with artwork, descriptions and associated color.

Simple timer
- There is also a simple timer to use for your own custom practice.

New Taskforcers Arrive at the Aadheenam

This week Mayuresh Visswanathan from Carlsbad, CA and Arinien Mootoocurpen from Mauritius have arrive on Kauai to participate in our taskforce program. While here they will come to the Monastery each morning and spend the day worshiping, meditating and performing seva alongside the monks. Mayuresh will be here until August and Arinien will be visiting for up to six months. Aum Namah Sivaya

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