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There Is Only Now

This is our final day of Gurudeva Affirmations. He is like a doctor, with natural prescriptions to heal body, mind and emotions.

"How Do We Use Affirmations?
"An affirmation is a positive declaration or assertion that we repeat regularly to bring about useful changes in our life. While repeating the words, we concentrate on the meaning and visualize and feel the desired result. Your words, visualizations and feelings have power.

They impress your subconscious mind. When they are positive, useful and creative, they make you more secure and successful in everything you do. Affirmations must be carefully worded to gain the desired effect. The sadhana is to repeat it to yourself for a minute or two, ideally at the same time each day. Silently is good, but aloud is even better. For example, 'I can. I will. I am able to accomplish what I plan.' Repeating this each day programs your mind with confidence and increases your willpower. But just saying the words is not enough. You must feel 'I can! I will! I am able!' Imagine what it will feel like when you accomplish your goal. It is helpful to remember the feeling of success you experienced when you achieved something in the past. Positive affirmations help you face life with optimism. Negative thinking does the opposite.

Many people think, 'I can't. I won't. I'm not able.' And, sure enough, they fail. Why? Because they have programmed their mind to fail. An affirmation creates the opposite effect. You see the goal clearly and feel yourself attaining it. Success follows naturally. Gurudeva's other affirmations include 'I'm all right, right now,' 'All my needs will always be met,' and 'I am equal to any challenge I meet.' Affirmation builds a positive self concept. This means knowing that you are a worthy person deserving a wonderful life and fully capable of achieving it. Having such a positive concept allows us to identify with our inner, spiritual nature so that we truly feel we are a divine being on a perfect path."

Then we have Gurudeva's quote here: "Get into the rhythm of the affirmation. This causes strong feelings and impressions deep in the inner mind. Each word has a certain rate of vibration. Feeling is greater than visualization."

Four More Affirmations for a Positive Life

Today's affirmations from Gurudeva speak of our innate divinity and how we can learn from any experience, as long as we remain alert to the possibility.

A Few Stories from Around the World

Sishya Dr. Ramai Santhirapala of London is a physician of note. Lately, she had been shifting from direct care of patients to working in the realms of research and medical ethics. When the current pandemic arose, however, she immediately abandoned her projects to be where she was needed most, the Intensive Care Unit, caring for the most seriously afflicted. While she was describing the challenging conditions and dangers, we were struck by her upbeat and even joyous frame of mind. How can this be? we inquired. She explained she had been surrounded by so many beautiful spectacles over the past days, that she just felt elated. "There has been so much harmony and willing cooperation on the part of everyone, it seems, all responding selflessly, courageously and nobly to the challenge, giving their all, willingly placing themselves at risk to help another. So much good will. It has really been uplifting." When we congratulated her on seeing the positive where most would not, she replied, "Siva truly is everywhere; we are so lucky to have received our beautiful Hindu teachings!" From Sri Lanka Thondunathan send us updates of their work there. The country is fully shut down and those at the Subramuniya Kottam are helping as they can. They are distributing rice, dal and some other dry food to local needy people. Yesterday Thondunathan sent us this note for Yogaswami's mahasamadhi day: "Generally, our Subramuniya Kottam youth prepare for the Yogaswami Gurupuja by making garlands and decorating the shrine. But this year, the observation has taken a new perspective and another divine path. Due to the pandemic situation, instead of the usual celebration, the youth prepared food care packages to be delivered to the needy people. 'Life is Siva' proclaims Yogaswami. Service to humanity is a service to God."

Keeping Positive in an Ocean of Negativity

As the world faces the pandemic, as cities and nations close their borders, as families hunker down in their homes, Gurudeva's wonderful vision of the cosmos can serve as a life raft.

Four more of his affirmations are offered today. They speak of identity and of loving sharing.

More Affirmations from Gurudeva

Today we listen to Gurudeva as he urges us to be what we already are, awareness--a witness to all experiences, good, bad and neutral.

Gurudeva’s Affirmations for Difficult Times

We continue today sharing some of Gurudeva's positive mantrams for stabilizing emotions and overcoming obstacles in life.

Let Us Affirm Goodness

Gurudeva would say that the mind, the conscious mind, is driven by its own novelty and always mulling over external things. Comfort. Safety. Pain. Desire. Fear.

He urged seekers to fill the mind with positive thoughts through the use of affirmations. If repeated, affirmations carve deep channels in the mind, changing fear to trust, regret to hope, penury to abundance.

It has been a long time since the human race faced such a compelling a threat as this pandemic. So never have we needed positive affirmations more.

With that in mind, we have assembled today a few of Gurudeva's little mental mantrams. If you find the world's predicament is overwhelming you and those around you, just pick an affirmation and repeat it for a few minutes. It will be a medicine for the mind, a salve for the spirit, a comrade during quarantine.

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Canadian Ladies Retreat

Aum Namah Sivaya

This week we've enjoyed the presence of seven guests from Canada. Many of these women were born and grew up in Sri Lanka, and immigrated to Canada after getting married. While here they have enjoyed a few classes with Satguru and the swamis and also had an opportunity to perform personal sadhanas in our temples and jungle gardens. Aum

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