Miracle Tools of Stone Carving

Iraivan temple was carved by hand with nothing by iron chisels

Strictly following ancient scriptural treatises, this 100-foot-long, 35-foot-tall, 3.5-million-pound Chola-style temple is being built according to divine architectural knowledge and traditional carving tools to channel and focus the spiritual power of the crystal Sivalinga representing the Supreme God, Siva: Paramesvara-Parasakti-Parasiva

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The Making of An Iron Chisel

Modern technology has not laid its hand on the vastu tradition. Only traditional tools are used to hand-carve this grand white edifice. They are time-tested and honored. All tools are locally made at the carving site in Bangalore.

Marking long iron rods to short chisel lengths

Breaking off pieces for chisels is much faster this way

Hand-blower, Coke and Coal for heat

Shaping chisels

Hard and precise hits to make a rough point

Blacksmith's final touch creates a super-sharp point

Cooling off.

Chisels ready for use.

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The Different Types of Chisels

Periya Udaiyappu for
cleaving big pieces

Kadha Udaiyappu

Uli Udaiyaapu

Periya Uli

Kadha Uli

Uli Tevui

Puliya Elai

Perumpal Palamunai
(surface polishing)

Nadaraja Palamunai

Sanna Nadaraja Palamunai

Sannapal Palamunai

Ravai Channa Palamunai

Kolavu Palamunai


Valasa Arapasam

Eradhai Valasa Arapasam